Unfortunately our new system does not show details of linked accounts to a patron when they are logged into their own account.

We hope that this functionality will be added in a future release of the software.

In the meantime, there are three ways for patrons to see information about their children’s loans:

  1. You can view each child’s account online, as you can your own – simply set a PIN for each account. (See how to set a PIN for your online account.) 
  2. We send out email courtesy notices to remind patrons in advance when their items need to be returned or renewed. You can add your email address to all your children’s online accounts and you will receive courtesy notices about their loans as well as you own. 
  3. Staff *can* see linked accounts. You can ask a staff member to link your accounts and then they will be able to give you details of your children’s loans anytime you carry out a transaction at the library desk. 

We appreciate that these solutions are no substitute for the ability to see linked accounts altogether online but they should lessen the inconvenience.